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St. Patrick’s Day Special: “Jump Around (Remix)” & “Syndication'”

Fine Malt Lyrics, no guitars

Fine Malt Lyrics, no guitars

While I was an Editor-at-Large at Scratch Magazine, the crew (peace to Jerry, Jesús, R. Dot, Lizz, Tony G, O-Dub, Brian C, Dalmar & Killah Kaity) dropped an ill The 25 Greatest Hip-Hop Remixes package. I believe P.E.’s “Shut Em Down (Remix)” was numero uno. The point of this story is that Pete Rock, who produced the aforementioned remix, could have easily taken up half the list, but one particular song that I felt had to make the cut was House of Pain’s “Jump Around (Remix).”

You can tell the Chocolate Boy Wonder was in his “Pete and those horns” era when he flipped Everlast, Danny Boy and Lethal’s biggest hit and gave it an extra jolt. The other point of this story is that back in like 7th or 8th grade, being that I was one of the few Black kids in a predominantly white school, me and the small crew of fellow “urban” students where the de facto Hip-Hop experts. This esteemed position in the class hierarchy tasked us with constantly explaining to our classmates why Vanilla Ice was garbage and why it behooved them to seek out pale MCs like MC Serch and Everlast instead.

Everlast got much love for rolling with Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate crew and was the talk of the hood when Video Music Box played his “Syndication'” video from the Rhyme Syndicate Coming Through album. Lately, rather than rhyming over James Brown loops, Everlast has been running around with a guitar and channeling Johnny Cash, but that’s neither here nor there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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