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Bun B X Top 5 Dead or Alive

RIP Pimp C

RIP Pimp C

I’m a realist about the world. I don’t sit around wondering too much about too much. I deal with everything how it’s supposed to be dealt with according to my personal spiritual law. I regret that there where things that [Pimp C] couldn’t be apart of as far as his family and his children, but I was very blessed to have not just a good friend but a great business partner as well. But before I had even started the process to working on his album, I had to come to terms with what happened. You know you never get over it.  You learn to move past it but, it doesn’t take more than five or ten steps before you see something that reminds you of him.”—Bun B

That quote from the Southern Rap Impresario didn’t make the cut, so I thought I’d share. Props go to the homie Martin A. Berrios who dropped the “Top 5 Dead or Alive” concept on AHH that plenty people seem to be jocking lately (yes, shots). [Bun B’s Top 5 Dead or Alive via]

I got to listen to the final UGK album, 4 Life, a few weeks back and got to chat with Bun B for a bit on the last UGK studio album and on his fav rappers (it’s an interesting list). Oh yeah, Bun B bodied Hov on “Big Pimpin’.” Listen to his verse again before you question the kid.

Bun B on Surviving the Financial Crisis [Global Grind via Nah Right]

Bun B Mad Skip to My Lou got traded… [via Urban Daily]

Never Made Twenty [Noz has got the goods]

The Pimp & The Bun [via Word of South]

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  1. I notice you italicized “studio”. Are they putting out a live album or a b-sides collection? The latter sounds more appealing to me personally but what do I know? I loved “Dirty Money”.

    Comment by dv | March 16, 2009

  2. Bun stressed it was the last studio album because it would be the last project that includes any “new” music created by him and Pimp together. He did note that there will probably be more music coming to light since him and Pimp have forthcoming solo projects and because Jive/Sony still has unreleased UGK music.

    Comment by aqua | March 16, 2009

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post, keep up making such interesting stuff.

    Comment by escapeintepay | November 24, 2009

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