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Mr. X to the Z

Xzibit was definitely one of the most entertaining and insightful interviews I have had with an artist in a long minute. I remember getting a pair of promo 12″s of “What U See Is What U Get” and being floored after throwing them on my Technics. Loud Records also sent me a copy of the video on a promo VHS tape that was made out of styrofoam—damn, VHS—which I proceeded to show to any and everyone I could.

The production on the track is credited to Jesse West who Hip-Hop heads may know as rapper 3rd Eye. Why am I mentioning this? Because, 3rd was the first guy rapping on Super Cat’s “Dolly My Baby (Remix)” that also happened to feature the Notorious B.I.G. and Puffy kicking his verse with an extreme horrible flow.

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  1. Jesse West is a living legend– 3rd eye his rapping alter ego was untouchable back in the day–in 2010, west is still working though– I just got his new joints on the Krs-One / Greenie “It’s All Good” CD– some of Jesse West’s best beats ever!

    Comment by Malcolm Scezeray | June 29, 2010

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