Slang Rap Democracy

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There’s a sign at the door, no biting allowed…

Someone please tell Bow Wow that T.I. would like his styles back. Just check Tip’s “Whatever You Like” if you don’t believe me. Just saying.

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The Meaning of the Name


Slang Rap Democracy. It’s a phrase taken from Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces.” The song’s home, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… (note the proper spelling, it’s the fact checker in me), is a perfect Hip-Hop album. Being that it was on constant rotation my first year at UVA, like any music rocked heavily during your halcyon days, it holds a special place in my dossier of rap freshness.

Back to the title of this blog; while interviewing the RZA for AllHipHop and asking him for his Top 5 Dead or Alive MCs, he mentioned Raekwon in his list, noting the yin to Ghostface’s yang’s limitless use of slang. “It took years to figure out what Raekwon was saying,” quipped RZA. For real, read the story, when it comes to insight and wisdom the RZA never fails come interview time. So while bumping OB4CL for the hundred thousand trillionth time, the name just seemed perfect. Slang Rap Democracy. It just sounds right, like “Nutmeg” or “Strawberry Kiwi.”

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