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The kid, me, started a blog years back but I stopped posting after about a week. It was probably a result of my disdain for writers inserting themselves in stories—it can be done well, but rarely is—when in reality readers care about the subject, n0t the person writing the story. As a dude that can be humble with his pen skills to a fault, blogging seemed like an exercise in little substance and too much ego. But as I venture back into the freelance writing world heavy—long story you may have or not heard, though it’s still Gunshow for life (ask and I may tell you)—nowadays being a writer without a blog makes you a half step past a frikkin’ weirdo.

All that said, have patience with me as I figure out where this blog goes. What I know (Hip-Hop music, kicks, basketball, fresh dipped gear, gadgets and vinyl (as in 12″…umm, pause, just in case) should be a good place to start. -aqua

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